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Vision Systems

What is a “vision system”?

A typical vision system is made up of camera(s), lighting, lenses, mounting brackets, cables and software. It may also include filters, frame grabbers, and power controllers.

What can a vision system do?

A vision system can perform a wide variety of tasks. It can verify part quality, part orientation, measure part dimensions, verify part presence, verify part color, read a label, or read & verify bar coding. It can also be used to guide robots, orient parts or aid in assembling parts. Or it can do all of these things.

How can a vision system help me?

The primary use of vision systems is in quality control (QC). A vision system is much more reliable, accurate and repeatable than using sensors, mechanical means, or manual inspection methods (ie people-based inspection). Human error is a key factor in the failure of manual inspection. Over time the human brain becomes less reliable at detecting defects accurately and repeatably. A vision system does not exhibit these problems. They are virtually 100% accurate when integrated, configured and programmed properly. Furthermore, a vision system is capable of detecting defects smaller than .001”. The human eye is typically only capable of detecting differences of .010” at best. Additionally a vision system is fast – as much as 100x faster than manual inspection. In today’s high speed world, where parts can be made on a single machine at a rate of hundred’s of parts per minute, vision system are the only means to achieve 100% inspection. But it’s many of these reasons combined that has caused the integration of vision systems to become status quo.

What can a vision inspection system do for your business today?

Here are some of the tasks that can be performed by vision inspection systems:
  • Dimensional measurements & verification
  • Component presence verification
  • Color sorting & color inspection
  • Bar code reading
  • Proper assembly verification
  • Robot Guidance

Quality is one of the top metrics used by consumers to judge products today. Quality, as well as product uniformity, are also key factors in assuring that business profit margins are realized. This can be measured in scrap reduction, fewer customer returns, overall consumer satisfaction, as well as increased repeat customers. BG Automation can help you increase profits and ensure product quality by installing a vision system for you today!